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Ämne: Night Of A 1000 Ziggy's - Saturday 24th September

GLAM-OU-RAMA presents Night of a 1000 Ziggy's

Saturday 24th September, 8:30PM - 2AM @ BUFFALO BARS

It's seems only weeks ago that we held the 2nd annual Night Of a 1000 Ziggy's with Star Scream & Shard. I guess it just seems so recent because it was such an amazing night and the memories are so powerful. Amazingly it was a year ago and this Saturday will be the 3rd (and biggest and best) annual Night Of a 1000 Ziggy's!

The idea of the night is that we glam things up even more than normal, play more Bowie and that people dress up either as our favourite alien, Ziggy Stardust, or in a way that is inspired by him. It should feel like you've time-warped back to 1973 and are at an after-party for a Ziggy Stardust concert. The question is, will Ziggy himself turn up?

Well, we can tell you who will certainly be there, our bands and performers. We have a true original, John Howard, who released his debut album Kid In A Big World in 1974 at the peak of glam mania. Re-released last year with rapturous reviews in Uncut, musicOMH, The Guardian and many others John is a living Jobriath, a man over-looked in his youth and greatly praised 30 years later by a new generation and it's a real honour and source of much excitment here that we welcome him to our stage. We also have Shard who enthralled us last year with their version of Rebel Rebel (with David Ryder-Prangely dueting on vocals). Since then they've matured into one of the best live acts around and can justify being the first band to play for us twice, although it's time for some ch-ch-ch-changes as the Queen Bitch is bitching and as you'll see anyway it's not the same band at all...

It is also the birthday of our favourite guest DJ, Simon Price (who runs the very wonderful Stay Beautiful Club) and we'll be letting him loose to DJ a glam-tastic birthday set from 11 til midnight (when his birthday officially starts - all presents accepted and I think his favourite tipple is either a Malibu & Coke or a silver bottle of V - though don't get him too drunk before his set...).

As ever you can find more details of the night and listen to the bands on the news page on our website.

Ziggy Stardust Cocktail
Print out this email and present this coupon at the door to get a free Ziggy Stardust Cocktail if you arrive before 9:30pm*
* or as they say 'whilst stocks last'


Thanks to everyone who has told their friends about the website as we reached another milestone this month with 2000 members!
As ever we're improving the website and this month we introduced a brand new control panel which makes it far easier to manage and customise your profile, messages, friends, photos, diary, events and reviews. So, if you've not logged in recently please do as you'll find the website far easier to use (and abuse!).

We wish you all a glittery week and we hope to see all you space invaders on Saturday for a Night Of a 1000 Ziggy's

Kitten, Preston and David.

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